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In the quiet moments of reflection that the past few weeks have afforded me, as I took the necessary time to rest and recover from not feeling well, I've come to realise the profound importance of self-care. This period of forced pause was a reminder that taking care of ourselves isn't just an act of personal kindness; it's a crucial foundation for achieving our dreams and allowing others the space to do the same. It's with this renewed understanding and a heart full of ambition that I step into 2024, embracing the mantra: let people be who they want to be, because you can be who you want to be.

This year, I've set a bold goal for myself, one that has lingered in the realm of dreams for too long: to buy a property abroad. For the last couple of years, this aspiration has remained just out of reach, always making it to the viewing stage but never further. The culprit? A familiar foe we all know too well—fear. Fear has a way of creeping in, casting shadows of doubt over our brightest dreams and paralysing us just when we need to move forward.

But if my recent journey back to health has taught me anything, it's that life is too precious to let fear dictate our choices. Taking care of my body and mind has not only been a journey back to health but also a powerful lesson in overcoming obstacles. It's a reminder that we're stronger than we think, and that stepping through fear is not just possible—it's essential for growth.

So, this year, I'm choosing to step through the fear. No longer will I allow it to hold me back from the experiences and achievements that I know are within my reach. Buying a property abroad represents more than just a change of scenery; it's a symbol of overcoming the barriers I've set for myself, a testament to the power of perseverance and belief in one's abilities.

And I share this journey with you, not just as a personal narrative, but as an invitation to join me in making 2024 a year of breaking through barriers. Whether it's a dream you've held at arm's length or a goal you've hesitated to pursue, know that stepping through fear is the pathway to achieving it. Just as I am committing to take the leap towards my goal of buying a property abroad, I encourage you to identify your own aspirations and confront whatever fears may stand in your way.

If you're feeling inspired to take bold steps this year but find yourself wrestling with doubts or fears, I'm here to support you. I'm offering a free 30-minute Discovery Call to see if we are a great fit to work on achieving your dreams. Together, we can explore how to break through the barriers holding you back.

To book your Discovery Call, reach out to me at Let's embrace this journey together, with open hearts and an unwavering belief in our capacity to transform our lives.

Remember, taking care of ourselves and allowing others the space to be themselves is not just a resolution for 2024—it's a lifelong commitment to joy, growth, and fulfilment. Let's make this year the year we step through fear and into the lives we've always dreamed of.

Love & happiness

Stacey X

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