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Welcome to The Clarity Circle

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Where transformative coaching and holistic healing come together to forge a distinctive path of empowerment and enlightenment for people across the globe. At the helm is Stacey, a seasoned psychotherapist whose journey through strategic leadership, business development, and profound personal transformation imbues our mission with depth and authenticity. The Clarity Circle stands as a testament to the synergy of intuitive guidance, professional prowess, and a deeply rooted desire to foster growth and clarity in the lives we touch.


Starting this business as a single parent raising four boys, Stacey's journey epitomises resilience, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of a vision. This experience has not only shaped her approach to leadership and coaching but also instils a profound understanding of the challenges and triumphs encountered on the path to personal and professional fulfilment. It is this foundation that has enabled her to specialise in assisting entrepreneurs with building their businesses, offering insights that combine personal growth with strategic business development.


Our inception was driven by Stacey's vision to meld her corporate savvy, therapeutic insights, and a natural inclination towards guiding others to realise their fullest potential. As a certified Executive Coach, Mentor, and Trainer, her methodology is bespoke, blending personal experiences with an extensive understanding of both personal and professional landscapes. This approach, coupled with the collective dedication of an outstanding team, positions The Clarity Circle as a pioneering force in the realm of personal and professional development worldwide. Our commitment extends to empowering entrepreneurs, providing them with the tools and strategies necessary for building successful, sustainable businesses.


Central to our philosophy is a commitment to continuous learning, self-betterment, and a comprehensive approach to empowerment. We pride ourselves on delivering the latest, most insightful, and transformative coaching strategies, ensuring each individual we collaborate with is adept at navigating life's complexities with clarity and purpose. This includes a special focus on entrepreneurs, whom we assist in aligning their personal growth with their business goals to create a harmonious and prosperous professional journey.


As a global training provider recognised by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, the International Association of Therapists, and a member of the International Coaching Federation, The Clarity Circle is at the forefront of providing accessible, high-calibre education in transformative tools and techniques. Our extensive array of training programs, workshops, retreats, and educational offerings are designed to incorporate the Universal Laws, spiritual guidance, mindfulness, and intuitive energy healing, embodying a holistic approach to growth and enlightenment.


We champion the importance of inner self-connection as the bedrock of personal alignment and professional success. Our mission is to spark a profound wave of clarity and insight among individuals worldwide, empowering them to unlock their ultimate potential in every facet of their lives, including the entrepreneurial spirit that drives business innovation and success.


Through The Clarity Circle Academy, we are devoted to cultivating a new generation of capable, empowered, and self-aware coaches and entrepreneurs. Our ethos revolves around nurturing and support, providing a safe and inviting environment for every individual in our community, be they members, students, or followers.


We believe in the transformative power of purposeful connections and are committed to aiding every person we encounter in manifesting the life and business they genuinely desire.


Join us on this transformative journey and become a part of our global community, committed to making a meaningful impact, one life and one business at a time.


With love and clarity,

Stacey and The Clarity Circle Team

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