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The 12 Laws of The Universe

Hello beautiful,

Let’s talk LAWS - Thats the 12 Laws of the Universe.

So many people around the world are lacking in abundance ands creating the life they truly desire. But there is so much more to the 12 Laws of the Universe than manifestation.

When you take these spiritual laws as a complete holistic teaching, instead of isolating one aspect, you can bring incredible change to your life in such a short space of time.

When you first hear of the 12 Universal Laws, your mind will, I’m sure bring you straight to the Law Of Attraction. It’s by far the most well-known, and the one people feel would most benefit them to create a life of abundance.

So let me take you through all 12.

1. The Law of Divine Oneness

The Law Of Divine Oneness is the unifying aspect of consciousness that connects us on the energetic and soul level. The state of oneness is where we began our journey from source and the creator. And you understand the teaching of this law by realising that every thought, word, action, and choice will have an effect of the collective consciousness. There is no escaping the influence we and others have on the world around us.

2. The Law of Vibration or Energy

Everything in the Universe has its own unique vibration, and this works on two distinct levels. In the first instance, it gives the illusion of physicality. Our world is made of trillions of tiny atoms all vibrating so fast they give the impression of an object being physical. While on the meta-level, the vibration that an object – or sentient being – emanates is like a signature – a unique barcode. In practical terms, the more positive emotions you embody, the more you raise your vibration, because we are all on and energy frequency. This, in turn, allows you to attract experiences that match the unique barcode frequency.

3. The Law of Attraction

The Law Of Attraction needs little introduction. It’s become a part of pop culture thanks to the success of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. On the most basic level, it involves like attracting like. But for that to happen, you need to become a signature frequency match for the person, object or experience you’re trying to bring into your life. In other words, you need to adjust your mindset from one of scarcity to one of abundance and raise your vibration to match the level of the things you desire. That is the real secret of the Law of Attraction. Your manifestations don’t come from endless affirmations. It comes from the feeling within. Your affirmations are a prayer, and those prayers are the feeling that comes from within.

4. The Law of Action

Many people are often confused about why The Law of Attraction isn’t working for them. Let me explain why, you can engage in all the manifestation exercises you want. But if you are sitting around all day waiting for things to magically appear in your life, you’re going to be very disappointed. The Law of Attraction and Action have a synergistic relationship with one another. You must get into inspired action. Your inspired action creates your manifestations.

5. The Law of Correspondence

The Law of Correspondence places us in the drivers seat of our own life. Your outer world will be a direct reflection of your inner world. So the way you treat yourself is extremely important. There will always be a direct link to the way you treat yourself and the experiences you draw into your circle. This doesn’t mean you should be scared of ever have a negative thought, it’s about accepting responsibility. This law takes us out of the victim role making us the sole creator of our own life. Become aware of your thoughts. Look for the patterns that are informing your behaviour and creating the world around you, and take note of how you’re shaping your reality.

6. The Law of Cause and Effect

The premise of this law is that everything is divinely orchestrated. Nothing is coincidence.

As for every cause, there must be an effect. And every effect must be rooted in a cause of some description. On the surface, this law might not have the same allure as the law of attraction, but it still provides a practical lesson. And that is…

Everything present in your life right now has a cause, and that cause was also the effect another cause that preceded it. Do you follow?

It’s encouraging hindsight, asking you to question what part you played in getting to where you are now, and what, if anything, you could have done differently.

It’s a lesson about introspection. We reap what we sow.

7. The Law of Compensation

This isn’t to be confused with the Law Of Attraction. The law of compensation doesn’t involve your intentional manifestation. But instead, focuses on the good you can do for others, which in turn brings its own rewards. It’s essentially the law of karma under a different name. However, it works both positively and negatively. The more you give yourself in service to others, the more good fortune you’ll experience. But the more harm you cause, the more you bring those same actions back on yourself.

8. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

As energy we all have the power to change any condition in our lives. This law teaches us that we have the power to change our circumstances by enacting our free will. Our thoughts that are turned into actions will eventually be transmuted into physical form.

In the physical expression, energy cannot be destroyed; it can only be transmuted to another form. For example, the debris from a dying star isn’t destroyed. It is atomised into carbon molecules. These particles then drift throughout space, eventually seeding life on other worlds. And that same transmutation applies to our spiritual nature. We have the power to transform our energies from dark to light and from lower to higher vibrations with the conscious enactment of our choice.

9. The Law of Relativity

It is so. Nothing can be assigned a value until we compare it with something else. Without our judgement, everything we encounter remains in neutrality, unable to affect us on the mental, emotional and spiritual layers of our perception. The Law Of Relativity is asking us to maintain a balanced perspective. It’s only by comparing ourselves with others that we would ever deny our own innate genius. We all have it within. But we all present it in our own unique way. That is the fallacy of comparison. No matter who bad we perceive a situation there is always someone who is in a more difficult position, making it all relative.

10. The Law of Polarity

It states that everything in existence has an opposite, which is necessary for us to grasp the meaning of its experience. For example, if we only ever knew hot, how we would we be able to know it represents one end of the scale? Without cold to give it meaning, there would be no concept of temperature. And the same goes for countless other concepts that make up our reality. The Law Of Polarity provides us with the opportunity to use our discernment by recognising the difference that exists within our reality. It allows us to experience positive and negative experiences. We can only appreciate the moments of joy we find because we’ve had to fight through so much pain to find them. Without polarity, there would be no experience.

11. The Law of Rhythm (Perpetual Motion)

This law states that everything;g vibrates and moves to a rhythm. Each rhythm then forms a cycle, season, pattern or stage of development which reflects on the regularity of the Universe. To master rhythm, you must rise above any negative parts of a cycle.

12. The Law of Gender

In this context, gender does not refer to the physicality of the male and female form. It refers to the energy of the divine feminine and masculine that permeates throughout all aspects of the Universe. It is the energy of Yin and Yang. The law of gender teaches us there must be a balance of both these energies. When we drift too far into one or the other, it creates a sense of disharmony. If we are to embody our true authentic selves, we need to cultivate the virtues of both genders. Balance is the key to progress.


How are the 12 Universal Laws Going to Affect Your Life?

The 12 universal laws are a roadmap of personal and spiritual development as well as a practical set of skills for furthering you on the most amazing journey create the life you desire.

Whats Next?

If you would love to learn more and be guided with tools and techniques to incorporate these laws into your life, join The Clarity Circle Free Facebook Group. Click here to find out more.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have learnt a lot from this post and can take valuable information from it going forward!

Sending Love and Positive Vibes,

Stacey x

Founder & CEO

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