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Mindfulness Exercises For Your 5 Senses

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our first blog post which will be a short exercise for you to use throughout your day to bring awareness to the present moment.

Notice 5 things that you can see

Cast your eyes around the room and bring your attention to five things you wouldn't normally notice. Choose something you wouldn't normally pay attention to such as a shadow.

Notice 4 things you can feel

Bring your awareness to four things you are currently feeling. For example, the texture of your trousers touching your legs or the surface of the table your hands are placed on.

Notice 3 things you can hear

Try to tune into the sounds of your surroundings. What do you hear in the background? It could be a bird singing or faint sounds of traffic nearby.

Notice 2 things you can smell

Tune your senses to the smells you may usually pass over. Pleasant or unpleasant. Maybe the smell of the outdoors in the breeze from the window?

Notice 1 thing you can taste

Focus on one thing you can taste right now in this moment. You could take a sip of coffee or eat your meal slowly and thoughtfully. Notice the current taste in your mouth or even open it to search the air for a taste.

During the day, try doing these 5 steps when you get a moment to really think and de-stress.

Let us know how these steps impact your experience when eating or relaxing on an evening in bed.

We hope you found this helpful, let us know what else you want to see on our blog, and keep updated by subscribing!

Speak soon,

The Clarity Circle x

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