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As we approach the Full Moon in Virgo on February 24, 2024, we're reminded of the unique and potent energy this lunar phase brings into our lives. For me, the rituals of the Full Moon (and the New Moon) have become non-negotiable practices. They've transformed not just my personal growth but have also brought profound insights and progress to my business. The Full Moon in Virgo, with its emphasis on healing, perfection, and meticulous attention to detail, invites us to reflect, release, and celebrate in ways that are deeply transformative.

Virgo's influence during the Full Moon encourages us to confront and release the tight grip of control we often exert over our lives. It shines a light on our tendencies to micromanage and our pursuit of unattainable perfection. This realisation can be both humbling and liberating. It nudges us towards acceptance and surrender, acknowledging that while we can steer our path to some extent, the universe has its own plans and rhythms.

This celestial event serves as a mirror, reflecting our imperfections and the beauty that lies within them. It reminds us that our quest for perfection often leads to anxiety, indecision, and a failure to recognise and celebrate our accomplishments. By expecting too much of ourselves, we risk missing out on the joy of the present and the growth that comes from embracing our vulnerabilities.

The Ritual of Release and Celebration

Under the Full Moon in Virgo, I've found it incredibly powerful to engage in a ritual that balances the act of releasing with the act of celebrating. This involves taking stock of the challenges and patterns that no longer serve me, as well as acknowledging the achievements and progress I've made.

1. Identify for Release - Reflect on what habits or patterns have emerged that feel out of alignment with your true self. The Full Moon is your cue to release these.

2. Celebrate Your Journey - Take a moment to celebrate your victories, no matter how small. Reflect on the growth and progress you've made since the last New Moon.

Journal Prompts Inspired by Virgo's Full Moon

1. Reflect on Healing - In what areas of your life do you seek healing? How can Virgo's Full Moon assist in this process?

2. Identify for Release - What specific habits or patterns are you ready to let go of under the Full Moon in Virgo?

3. Embrace Imperfection - How can forgiving yourself for seeking perfection improve your well-being and self-compassion?

4. Gratitude and Love - Reflect on the aspects of your life you're most grateful for. How does acknowledging these enhance your Full Moon ritual?

5. Future Visions - After the release, what positive energies or experiences do you wish to attract into your life?

If you're drawn to the transformative power of the Full Moon, especially under the influence of Virgo, I invite you to join our community. Together, we delve into rituals that foster personal growth, healing, and the celebration of our journeys. The practice of these lunar rituals has become a cornerstone of my life and business, offering moments of introspection, release, and joy.

The Full Moon in Virgo is a potent time for healing, self-compassion, and a celebration of the perfectly imperfect beings we are. By engaging in this ritual, we not only honour the energy of the Full Moon but also embrace our own paths of growth and transformation.


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