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Meet The Team


Stacey Dudley

Founder CEO

Hi Ladies, I'm Stacey a Business & Life Strategist and founder of The Clarity Circle. I help Women Create Soul Aligned Success through personal and professional development.


At the start of my journey 14 years ago, I struggled to overcome so many challenges whilst trying to build the life and business that I desired. Becoming a mum at the age of 18 to now having four children, I certainly faced some challenges. I realised that my mindset and self-worth had played a huge role in my ability to succeed without burnout. What I discovered about being a Female Solopreneur was that our beliefs around success in a career or business and what we as females are worth, as well as our vibrational frequency, all dictate how much success, money, abundance and freedom we experience within our physical life.

You can have the best business strategy in the world but without the correct mindset and manifesting techniques, you won't succeed for long. Trust me… I know!!

Our thoughts, beliefs, and energy create our reality. Therefore, if you are holding onto a lot of limiting beliefs around being successful you will then struggle to manifest abundance.


I am a Certified Coach, Law of Attraction expert and hold many qualifications, continuing to upscale my knowledge to offer my clients the best outcomes. I am an avid crystal enthusiast, and the love for the life I now lead inspires my work to help others begin their journey of becoming soul-aligned to create a life they truly desire. 

I would love for you to join The Clarity Circle and become part of an amazing, rewarding and happy environment whether you are looking to uplevel your personal or professional life.

Sending Love & Light, 

Stacey x 

Fleur Bowd

Clarity Circle Educator

Fleur is our Clarity Circle Academy Sub Educator and IPHM Registered Reiki Master.


Fleur is also a Light Worker and a huge Spiritual Enthusiast and she holds monthly healing sessions in our groups alongside teaching our Reiki Level 1 & 2 Healing Diplomas.


Her mission in life and her soul purpose is to work her light, spread the magic and inspire others to step into their true power.

Reiki Level 1 & 2 Diplomas - Enquire below!


Embark on a Journey with Our FREE Intro to Coaching Course: Is it Your Calling?

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