A Personal & Professional Development Platform and Approved Training Provider

The Clarity Circle is an internationally recognised Training Provider. Assisting thousands of Women with Personal and Professional Development through various tools and techniques. Offering courses, workshops, retreats and more, The Clarity Circle prides itself on having multiple educational outlets which are accessible to everyone.


Our mission is to create a tidal wave of clarity for women around the world whether that be in their personal or professional life. 

Given our holistic approach, The Clarity Circle Academy focuses on creating established, empowered and enthusiastic Coaches who follow the Clarity Circle Method and thrive on self-awareness.

Holding space for all our Ladies, whether you are part of our membership, one of our students or just a follower, we believe you have been put on our path for a reason and we will help you in various ways to create a life you truly desire.

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Incorporating The Universal Laws, Spiritual Guidance, Mindfulness and Intuitive Energy Healing, The Clarity Circle creates results for all.

We love our holistic learning style and believe that

truly tuning into your inner self will assist you on the journey of personal alignment and professional abundance.