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The Clarity Circle Ltd is an internationally recognised training provider, assisting women with their personal and professional development. Our innovative state of the art learning experience is an accessible platform from anywhere in the world.

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Meet Stacey

Founder & Executive Business & Life Strategist

Stacey is a Business & Life Strategist - Certified Executive Coach, Mentor & Trainer. Stacey's intuitive coaching approach ensures she discovers what clients need by using her tools and techniques gained through life experience's, corporate business background and many qualifications. 

As a business professional, Stacey is on a continual journey of learning and personal development. Constantly investing in herself as a coach, adding more qualifications and experience to The Clarity Circle to provide you with the most up to date, knowledgable and practical skills you require to succeed in business.


What we Specialise In

Our mission is to create change with a tidal wave of clarity

Stacey goes above and beyond when she delivers her courses and programmes. The attention to detail in the content is incredible. She holds nothing back and puts her all into everything she does. She shows up in a professional way which inspires her students to do the same. I cannot recommend The Clarity Circle enough if you are looking for personal and professional development. Investing in to Stacey and her work has been the best decision I have made and I have not looked back since.


I have recently become a member of the Clarity Circle Collective and can honestly say the standard and delivery of each session is amazing. I learn so much every day with the FB posts and evenings with guest experts. The support I receive with questions I have within the group is outstanding and I highly recommend joining.

- Kelly

I absolutely adore working with Stacey, her knowledge and skills are incredible, she is friendly and supportive whilst keeping you accountable for your goals. Within the first month of working with Stacey, my income had doubled 130% and my systems have streamlined.

- Nicolle

I've begun working with Stacey on the Being you Authentic Self course. She guides you through all the tools in a calm, understanding & reassuring way. Stacey gets you to dig deep with simple questions & passes on the tools that have helped her to find her authentic self. I'm learning so much about myself & using the tools to break my barriers down. The lovely thing is you know that Stacey is there & supporting you all the way. Would highly recommend it.

- Lynn


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